GOYA! Mobile App

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GOYA! is an app start up I had the pleasure of working on as a Creative Consultant and mobile designer. GOYA! is an acronym for Get Off Your Ass! It is a social networking app that connects people through experiences and goals. People will use GOYA! to boast, inspire and mentor others in [...]

D&AD White Pencil 2012

Written by yong ping. Work Campaigns, Digital, Graphics. Ping my Pong!.
As an answer to the D&AD White Pencil competition to promote Peace One Day. A creative was written to establish the title of ‘Peace Baby‘, given to new born babies and adults who were born on 21st September. In the hope to establish Peace Baby as a title commonly given to ‘Leap [...]

The Walking Dead ‘Kill Count’ App

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To launch the continuation of the second season of The Walking Dead, Red Bee Media created a ‘companion app’: an application that syncs with the show to increase viewer engagement and as a platform to contain all online conversations related to the programme while it was [...]

The Walking Dead ‘Left Behind’ Facebook App

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Get a taste of what is like to be Left Behind in a Zombie Apocalypse. A personalised horror experience brought to life through Facebook to give fans a taste of what it is like to be Left Behind in a zombie apocalypse. Through the use of Facebook, you will see pictures of your [...]

Red Bull App Concept

Written by yong ping. Work Digital, Graphics. Ping my Pong!.
These interface designs were conceptualised and created for a pitch to Red Bull for the possible launch of a new TV channel. The purpose of the app was to enhance viewer experience while watching Red Bull TV, with access to exclusive content, statistics, information, real time data and online activity. This additional features would set Red [...]

BBC Olympic Dreams

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As an extension of a TV promo which ran on the BBC network, Red Bee Media was tasked to produce a print ad which was consistent to the TV promo. Featuring athletes from the British Olympic Team, Frankie Jones (rhythmic gymnast), David Daniell (track cyclist) and Meghan Beesley (hurdler). The brief [...]

Designer Suit

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This is a design collaboration between 8 graphic design students, posed with the challenge of re-designing a traditional deck of poker cards without losing usability. All of us are students from University of Arts London, representing London College of Communication and Central Saint Martins. Hailing from Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong, our diverse backgrounds [...]

D&AD In Book

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This is my D&AD 2010 Student Awards entry which won a place in the D&AD Annual. Title of the brief – Disappearing Cities This was a moving image brief set by onedotzero for D&AD. The objective was to explore the concept of ‘The Disappearing City’ through storytelling, with a work of moving image at it’s core.


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ECO RE:STORE is a business venture between 3 Singaporeans who are active in the international climate change community. We are a lifestyle retail brand with an environmental focus. We are a store who look into selling all which are RE:cycled, RE:used and RE:stored. We focus on lifestyle products made from sustainable materials via ethical production methods.

Food Myths

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Show Me The Light campaign for a better food labelling system: Food labelling sending you the wrong signals? Nowadays there’s so much information bombarding shoppers, it can be difficult to digest. Visit showmethelight.co.uk and show your support for a more palatable shopping experience.