In 2018, LOT Polish Airlines launched it's first-ever direct flight from Singapore to Warsaw. However, most Singaporeans have never considered visiting the country.
To truly connect the Singaporeans with the Poles, we got in touch with World Champion beatboxer Dharni to teach Polish using beatboxing.
His videos drove people to our interactive website where we put their Polish to the test. Through Google voice recognition on our website, we awarded the most polished speaker from Singaporean with a trip to Poland.​​​​​​​
Facebook launch video
Case study film
Interactive website which lets users test how polished their Polish is, the user who completes the challenge in the shortest time, wins a pair of tickets to Warsaw, Poland.
Creative Director: Loo Yong Ping
Senior Copywriter: Chen Shang Hao
Junior Art Director: Dinie Fahmie

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