Jewel Changi Airport is a wondrous world unlike any other airport in the world. 
Rather than introduce her functional features akin to conventional property advertisements, we took an emotive and charming approach in promoting Singapore's latest icon.
More than a year in the making, we worked with illustrators, animators, architects and horticulturists to recreate Jewel Changi Airport in 3D to tell the story of our First Visitors, positioning this new mega retail and lifestyle destination as a wondrous world.
- Watch the film below -

- Making of the film -

- Stills from the film -
Co-Chief Creative Officer: Melvyn Lim
Creative Director: Loo Yong Ping
Senior Art Director: Nico Tangara
Copywriter: Sie TzeJie
Agency Producers: James Brook Partridge, Tina Jodhi
Animation: Chimney Group Singapore
Music and Sound Design: Song Zu Singapore

Additional Pitch Credits: Xander Lee, Augustus Sung, Sridhar Gopalratnam, Simon Jenkins

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