Search harder, dig deeper, get lost without actually being truly lost. Let the spontaneity of travel take the front seat with a bold statement – Travel Bravely. 
Singaporeans have a bad perception of data roam and the category has largely been transactional. Which is exactly what travel isn’t. So instead of behaving like a telco, we took on the role of a brand that championed new, undiscovered experiences. 
We launched with the story of a young boy’s brave journey across an unfamiliar land, with nothing but a backpack and Singtel ReadyRoam. This was supplemented with a travel web series (SSBD) featuring influencer Sonia Chew, digital banners, social posts, full page ads in the local papers and a creative media buy at the money changers'.
For the campaign, we created a brand new identity using key elements like the Travel Bravely stamp, post card graphics accompanied with a CI guide to ensure unified communications over the coming months.
Chief Creative Officer: Eugene Cheong
Executive Creative Director: Melvyn Lim
Creative Director: Stephen Kyriakou
Head of Art : Loo Yong Ping
Copywriter: Augustus Sung
Director: Roslee Yusoff, The Prosecution Company
Editor: Spencer Wong, The Prosecution Company
DOP: Alan Yap
Post-Production: Alice Studio
Music: Songzu

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