Disappearing Children
D&AD 2010 In book
Title of the brief – Disappearing Cities
This was a moving image brief set by onedotzero for D&AD. The objective was to explore the concept of ‘The Disappearing City’ through storytelling, with a work of moving image at it’s core. The final piece must also be able to extend into at least one other medium.

My Approach
The short film shares the personal reflection of a young girl who prefers the online/ digital world to the physical natural world. At 16 Million strong, kids between the ages of 2 to 11 years old are the fastest growing online population to date. We are witnessing a disappearing generation who are slowly but surely transferring their existence online.

The film is extended into another medium in the form of children’s shoes left empty and isolated around London in places where children used to populate (playgrounds, parks). Thus, transforming the short film into an educational piece which addresses the issue of children spending too much time in an online virtual reality.

Screen grabs below
The main film:
Extension of the film into an ambient ad below:
Filmed, Produced and Written by Loo Yong Ping
Music: Igloo, Karen O the Kids; OST Where the Wild Things Are
Voiceover and talent: Brianna Donaldson
Special thanks: Rachel Berry, Rene Bamban and Greenford Baptist Church

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