With more than three-quarters of UK viewers now using other devices while watching TV (YouGov poll Oct 2011), it was clear that ‘dual screening’ could be a strong tool in a broadcaster’s weaponry. Making dual-screening work for a narrative driven, immersive drama was the key to solving the problem: audiences are using other devices, but the main screen experience is what makes the genre so successful.

To launch the continuation of the second season of The Walking Dead, Red Bee Media created a ‘companion app’: an application that syncs with the show to increase viewer engagement and as a platform to contain all online conversations related to the programme while it was aired.

We created a UK first by using audio-watermarking in the app: technology that meant Zombie kills can be tracked to the second with the main screen experience, whether it’s live, paused or in catch-up. Every kill will be updated live on the app, also featuring the character who made the kill and the weapon of choice.

The app also features a gory archive of all the zombie kills ever seen across all the episodes in the second season of The Walking Dead. Categorised according to characters, episodes and weapons.

I was the Digital Creative on this project and was solely responsible for the graphics and UI design in the app.

The companion app is available for iPad and iPhone. Download it here.

- Awards -

Cannes Lions 2012 - Mobile Bronze
Promax Europe Awards 2012 - Silver

IBC 2012 Innovation Award - Content Creation

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